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My Funny Valentine

[chet baker]
My funny valentine 我风趣的情人
Sweet comic valentine 甜蜜如画的情人
You make me smile with my heart 你让我由衷地微笑
Your looks are laughable 你看起来那样喜悦
Unphotographable 无法记录
Yet you’re my favourite work of art 你是我最爱的那件作品

Is your figure less than Greek ? 希腊雕像与你的侧影相比不值一提
Is your mouth a little weak ? 你的嘴唇流露出一丝脆弱
When you open it to speak, are you smart ? 当你欲语时你才最为冰雪聪明

But don’t change your hair for me 不要为我改变你的发型
Not if you care for me. 如果你真的关心我
Stay little valentine, stay! 不要改变,我的小情人

Each day is Valentine’s Day. 每天都是情人节


From → ART



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